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Customer Value Management

SEMES' management will,
which puts environmental safety first,
is to pursue sustainable management
that is free of disasters and eco-friendly.

Policy on Environment, safety, and health

All executives and employees of SEMES are committed to impressing stakeholders and protecting
the lives of human beings, nature, and safety. As a top-notch company that manufactures key equipment
for semiconductor/display front-end and back-end processes, we establish and practice the following specific actions
and policies for product activities (development, purchase, assembly, installation, etc.) and service
while ensuring to work in a safe environment.

  • Recognize the environment and safety as primary management tasks.
  • Continuously invest, improve processes, and introduce the most ideal and appropriate technologies to minimize pollutant emission
    and energy use and actively engaged in recycling.
  • Establish and maintain a prompt and efficient environment, safety, and health management system.
  • Fundamentally eliminate harmful and risk factors in the workplace and create a pleasant and safe working environment
    through consultation and participation of workers.
  • Conduct systematic education and training to raise the safety awareness of employees and members and strengthen practice capabilities.
  • Build and perform environment, safety, and health targets and detailed action plans, continuously satisfy stakeholders, and upgrade management systems.
  • Proactively adhere to all domestic and overseas laws and regulations related to our company as well as our standards.
  • Reveal environment, safety, and health policy upon request from stakeholders.
Creating a safe workplace

We ensure the stability of the workplace by making preliminary
risk management a routine task and all employees are encouraged
to participate in creating a safety culture.
We are constantly unfolding activities to improve risk factors
in order to prevent the possibility of serious disasters in advance.
We abide by international standards and conventions as well as
the environment, safety, and health-related laws.
Also, we have established more rigorous internal standards
and constantly monitored them to ensure that there are no omissions
or violations of laws and regulations. Not only that, we have placed
an emergency response system to protect employees
and local residents from external risk factors (natural disasters, fires,
infectious diseases, etc.) and to sustain business continuity.

Pursuing win-win safety

We sustain a constant cooperation system with our business
partners to ensure they comply with our environmental safety regulations
and rules. We also strive for eco-friendly business relationships
by sharing the environment and
safety management system and environment and safety technology.

Establishing eco-friendly workplace

In pursuit of building an eco-friendly workplace, we are making consistent
efforts to reduce the use of chemicals, energy, and water
resources, promote wastewater reuse and waste recycling, and
reduce pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions.

Environment and Safety Management System Certificate

SEMES is operating ISO 14001 (Environment management system) and ISO 45001 (Safety and health management system)
to meet domestic and international environmental regulations and customers’ requirements.

Environmental Safety CI

The CI is composed of a blue color that embodies trust, stability,
cutting-edge, and honesty and a symbol mark that signifies the wind of
nature, which represents a sense of freedom and comfort and indicates
an eco-friendly company appreciating environment and life.